Plant Lovers Candle Collection

If you cherish your plants as much as I do, then you're going to fall head-over-heels for our Plant Lover's Candle Collection. This collection is designed to inspire the green thumb in your life while invoking your olfactory senses and allowing intoxicating comfort into your home.

Gift someone the chance to write their own story

Writing can be therapeutic. There's nothing quite like taking time for your own mental health by clearing your mind and putting your thoughts on a page. So relieve some anxiety and pick from our beautiful notebooks with colorful original designs.

Botanical Propagation Kit

This is a plant propagation kit, for starting new plants from cuttings! Made from resin, real pressed flowers, and a tube for plant cutting.

The tube for propagating rests in the center hole- this square is the perfect size for a narrow window shelf too!

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