Regal Art Designs
Home Accents, Distinctive Art Pieces, Luxury Candles

Hello! My name is Timika Orr.

I am a Bay Area based multifaceted, self-taught artist creating Original Art Paintings, Luxury Candles, Resin Art, and Fiber Arts.

My goal as an artist is to provide you with handmade, inspirational & unique pieces to your home. I want to provide the "Aha!" piece to your space.

My art (including my candle line) reflects the beauty and appreciation for black women. With my resin art I love using multiple colors, and experimenting with various pouring techniques. I also like to add gem stones, patterns, and other affects to enhance my pieces.

I hope you enjoy my works in your home as much as I enjoy creating them!

Majestic Wixx Candle Co.

Iconic. Majestic. Inspirational.

Majestic Wixx is a sub-brand of Regal Art Designs, providing mood-improving candles that are intimately created to fill your home with good scents and your mind with positive thoughts.

For each collection we will be adding names, changing fragrances and designs. 

Our Latest Collection

Notes to Self Collection:

From my personal experience, sometimes the loudest voice we hear is our own voice.... or Self talk.

So quiet, but so powerful.

Our self talk matters. We must be aware of how we speak about ourselves. More often than not it is so routine to speak negatively about yourself that you are completely unaware that you’re doing it.

This collection is all about helping to rewire the mind by aligning your thoughts and words with power filled truths. We need to make a commitment of writing little notes to ourselves throughout the day that will help increase our self-confidence and curve negative emotions. It is a phenomenal strategy for change.
God created us for life and life abundantly.
Does your self-talk align with His plan and Words over you?

Notes To Self Collection

Filling your home with good scents and your mind with positive thoughts.

Timeless Icon Collection

My first collection honors the under represented iconic Black Women who have paved the way for both us and future generations. From legendary icons like Nina Simone to more current century trailblazers like Angela Davis, these dynamic women have inspired us to achieve greatness.

One-of-a-kind Resin Pieces

A unique selection of resin pieces for your home. Coasters, canvas art, trays, and more.