The Brunch Box

The Brunch Box is a collaboration box with The Butter Bean Shop that was curated to honor and celebrate motherhood. This box is a special gift for the mother of your family, the influential mother-like figures in your life and recognizing these women for the strong and wonderful people that they are. 

Resin Art

In addition to being a painter, I am also a resin artist. Resin art is considered by most to be an unconventional style of painting. It requires no paint brushes, no easels, no acrylic, no oils. It only requires a clear understanding of how resin works. A resin artists true skill is being able to trust how free flowing resin choreographs with the canvas. Resin can be fused with acrylic paint and mica pigments to create a beautifully chaotic masterpiece.

The results are unique duplicate proof designs that will hopefully entice a new set of customers looking to add unique pieces to their homes. Check out my resin coasters, art, and trinkets below.

Majestic Wixx Candle Co.

Iconic. Majestic. Inspirational.

Majestic Wixx is a sub-brand of Regal Art Designs, providing mood-improving candles that are intimately created to fill your home with good scents and your mind with positive thoughts.

For each collection I will be adding names, changing fragrances and designs. 

Learn more about my candle creations and shop my latest scent filled collections below.

Alcohol Inks

Alcohol inks is another venture of mines. It's a fluid painting technique that I use on mugs, canvases, and with resin casting. I use highly pigmented alcohol-based inks in my acrylic and resin paintings but most recently mugs.

Check out my new mug collection below.

Meet the Artist

Who Is Regal Art Designs?

Hello! I'm Timika and I love creating! My creativity allows me to be free mentally, spiritually, and physically. I hope to inspire someone while on this journey!

I create many things but I got my start sketching then I taught myself to paint with acrylics. My acrylic paintings are inspired by femininity, color, love, music, and black women. I've recently added resin art, luxury candles, and alcohol inks to my creative palette.

You can learn more about my candle, resin art, and alcohol ink journey below. Thank you so much for your support!

Become A Collector

I'm always so honored when supporters want to take my work home! As a professional artist, I make my artwork available for your consumption in a variety of price ranges and merchandise. Check out some of the options below. Nothing beats owning an original. My original paintings are available for purchase.  Learn more about joining the Collectors Club!