Hey, Y'all! It’s been an extremely long time since I shared any art pieces with you. That's because I took a long hiatus from painting. So many months (maybe even years), I can’t count them accurately. Some things just didn't resonate with me anymore. So I took some time to realign myself to create what's true to me.

But the studio has been a haven in that time. It’s a sweet gift when you can escape life and the world and create a small and glorious moment of calm right in the studio. It’s a GIFT. And one I’ve needed the past year more than any other. This most recent body of work carries layers of nurturing, growth, hope, and presence.

During the creation of this piece, I had to seek emotional clarity and mental quiet intentionally — it's not a familiar art style for me so it became a practice of trusting my inspiration and my ability in a way I haven’t had to do in the past, and I think it shows in this work. I hope that intention and nourishing peace fills the space this piece is created for. 


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April 07, 2023 — Timika Dollar



Allyson said:

This is the place you were destined for all along! He’s always known the plans for you. Stepping out into unknown territory for such a time as this. You’ve taken fearfully and wonderfully made and placed it into each piece of art! This is a labor of love that will bless many. Your art is TIMELESS, AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL. In the quiet spaces beauty is created. Keep going sis


Marvin said:

This is very beautiful

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