Hi, I'm Mika, owner and creator of Regal Art Designs Studio. I'm a self-taught artist. I've always loved drawing, even as a child.  Art is such a blessing to me, and I thank God for the gift. 
I consider art my "me time" in which I let everything else go around me to do something I love. Art is my escape and allows me to unwind, calm my anxious feelings and channel them into my pen, brush, or whatever medium I'm using for the day. As a mother of three, it also helps keep my sanity in check! 
Although I've been an artist most of my life, my painting journey started about six years ago. Owning an art business was not my initial goal. I painted for a few years, exploring the color field using bold, bright, and intense hues to create beautiful Afrofuturism artworks. As my artistry skills grew, I learned a few things; I'm a Jack of All Trades, I have a constant need to learn and evolve, a strong love for color palettes, candles, and interior design. So, I enhanced my art skills by learning other crafts and techniques, such as resin, gouache, watercolor, candle making, inks, zentangle art, and more. 
What started as a hobby turned into a passion! I now pride myself on creating visual art, candles, and functional pieces for your home!
With the support of my family and husband, I am, making it into a dream! I'm excited that you are here on this journey with me! Thank you for all the support and love, the kind words, and encouragement. You give me hope in making this all possible! 

With Love,